Thursday, 14 July 2016

Big girl lunch

Today I had a practice lunch at my big girl school.

We went to the lunch hall. Also the gym. Also the assembly hall. We picked up a purple (prison) tray which to mums delight was speckled with what can only be described as glitter. We told the lovely dinner ladies what we would like, then we went to the salad bar for some token cucumber and some bread.

Mum was so proud she nearly cried. Strange really. 

We then took our trays to our long table where we sat with all our friends. Some teachers helped cut up our food but not me, no, I am a big girl. I ate all my food and got a sticker! Plopped my cutlery in a bucket and stacked my tray. Easy. 

This school stuff is total larks 


  1. Dear Elsie. You are just too funny.....

    As you can probably tell I'm just around the corner from you. That is why this post got here so quickly.