Saturday, 23 April 2016

Princess and the Pea

Tonight I requested that a single frozen pea be placed under my mattress.

I'll let you know if I had a comfortable night sleep. Here's telling....

Today I went to the cinema to see Jungle Book with Mummy and Daddy,

Unfortunately I sliced my finger open on the gate just before we left which was entirely traumatic. Especially because I was worried that if I lost blood that would be bad for my body. And because of my deep set fear of plasters I will be walking around with kitchen roll wrapped around my finger slice. 




  1. Dear Elsie

    So, if I understand correctly you requested a pea under the pillow to help heal you finger because you don't like plasters. Is that right?

    Love, GE
    PS Is mummy suing the cinema?
    PPS Is daddy running the marathon today?

  2. PPPS that was 'your finger' not 'you finger'