Sunday, 31 January 2016


This weekend I'm at Granmas and Grampas with all the Peace Clan. We picked Zac up from the airport on the way because he's come from Australia for Gap Year in Europe. That sounds fun! 

We've left Daddy at home to paint my bedroom! Keep going Daddy, nearly finished! 

Elsie Beyre xx

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Elijah Returns

This weekend Elijah came to stay.

It was pretty wild. Mummy's Dry January became at risk. 

Last night my mate Jack and his baby sister Chloe came for pizza. 

Then today we went to Kew Gardens with auntie Jo. It was fun. When I'm wih Elijah I giggle until I snort. 

Now I'm relaxing on the sofa worth popcorn and a movie. 

Lots of Love 

Elsie Beyre x

Saturday, 2 January 2016


Today Elijah came to stay.
We played dressing up and teddy bear picnic for hours upstairs. We had a lovely day! Mummy said we played so nicely he can come for more sleepovers. Especially if it means Daddy can do painting and Mummy can unpack boxes (yes we still have boxes to unpack...) 
Elsie Beyre x

Christmas in Barcelona

This year we went to stay near Noonie in Barcelona so that she could join in the celebrations! 
We had a wonderful time and the weather was beautiful. I think I'll be going there more often! 
We are ice cream and threw stones in the sea on Christmas Eve!

We learnt how to trapeze on the Ramblas!

Noonie and I had races down the street on our wheels...

We drank coffee in the sunshine