Sunday, 29 November 2015

Busy Friday

On Friday I had loads of fun at pre-school rehearsing my nativity play. I'm the sheep. I'm a bit miffed about this but maybe next year I'll get my big break.

Then my lovely little friend Arielle came to play. She's from my pre school too. If I am kind and nice and silly I will get more friends. That's what my mummy says. 

Then we went to ballet. Ballet is funny for mummy. She says it's like watching a heard of elephants do ballet. I keep getting the giggles and then my teacher gets cross. But I know she is laughing inside. 

Then we came home and made thanksgiving turkey and cranberry burgers. 

Then mummy said I could watch frozen in mummy and daddy's new big bed. Can you spot me? 

Grandma and Grampa are home tomorrow from their travels. I CANT WAIT to see them for our fake Christmas next weekend. 

Love Elsie Beyre xx

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