Tuesday, 1 September 2015

No ball games please!

This weekend I went bowling for the first time. 

We went with Sophie and it was loads of fun. It's worth noting at this point that mummy is really good at bowling. She could be pro. I'm in awe of her talent. 

In other news I also went to play golf with Daddy. He took me to a place called the 'driving range'. A tad confusing as there was no actual driving involved. 

Daddy was very impressed with my swing. He got very excited about the future. He even bought me my first proper golf clubs. At the driving range I did get a little frustrated when I couldn't hit the ball but daddy said that it wasn't acceptable for me to throw the golf balls in anger. We left at this point. 

Bowling shoes!

Daddy having to use the 'ball director slide thing'

Off to golf

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