Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bebe's 4th Birthday

Today was Bebes 4th birthday party. She is my best friend (for the moment). 

It was Pocahontas and Indian themed and there was a big tepe in the garden. 

I liked bouncing on the bouncy castle, playing pass the parcel in the tepe and whacking the piñata. 

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  1. How lucky of you to have a best friend with great taste, Elsie! Bebe's birthday party theme is amazing, and the decorations were definitely lovely. How did you find the bouncy castle? I love how it was covered in everybody's favorite Disney princess. Anyway, I hope you and Bebe had a hard time getting over all the fun! Hopefully, you can enjoy a similar party again sometime soon. Thanks for sharing and take care! :)

    Kathrin Trujillo @ Slides A Lot