Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bocketts Farm

I has a lovely day in the spring sunshine with Maya and her mummy and daddy and my mummy too. Daddy was in London organising the flat as we're going to sell it. I have already put in a request to buy a big pink house with two swings in the garden. I'm a little bit confused as to why we are buying a new house and asked mummy if it's because she didn't like the house we were in. It's all very confusing and I've not quite got my head around it! 
Today I went to the park with daddy then I went to the farm and I was so confident at feeding the animals. I also stroked a pig. Who would have thought I could love animals so much after being so frightened at one point. We saw some newborn lambs and even a pig race! We jumped on the trampoline for ages and went down the slide. I am so confident in these places as long as I have a friend by my side. 
I'm going to sleep well tonight. (Here's hoping!) 
Big love 
Elsie xx

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