Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Today mummy took me to Claremont Park where we rolled around in mud and climbed trees with Ralph and Matilda. 

Then we came home to do some painting with cars and my new 'tuff tray' which is proving to be invaluable. 

Then we went off on my bike with my new bike horn. (Thanks Noonie). I'm getting quite speedy on my wheels. Next lesson to be learnt is breaks! 

Then we made gingerbread number and snake cookies. Auntie Amy, uncle Egg, Darren and Thais will get to taste how good these are tomorrow. 

Then I ate all my dinner, all on my own, without getting down from the table. I think that is one for the record books!

Then we played the piano. 

And now I'm playing in the bath with my new super-weird swimming doll which I love. (Thanks GE)

All in a days work. (Did I mention that I also watched the Smurfs Movie which is my current favourite?) 

Lots of love and happy new year to you all xxx

1 comment:

  1. Dear Elsie

    I'm quite exhausted just reading all about your day!

    Glad you are enjoying the swimming doll. I thought it looked weird so told Santa it would probably be ideal!