Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Makeup and Grommets

Today I mixed lipgloss and eyeshadow together to create a paste that mummy can only describe as 'pink tar'. I painted my body with it and ran around the house making sure to leave my mark. 

Mummy put me in the bath to get it off. Shower gel clearly didn't work. Neither did fairy liquid. Oven cleaner however seemed to get the worst of it off. 

As for the bath... That will remain pink for sometime I think. 

I then went to the doctors to check if my operation had gone to plan. Everything looked great and I had a hearing test and for the first time ever I actually passed it! So no more whispering people... I can hear EVERYTHING!! 

Quick stop in tesco where I like to lie next to bunny in the 'twin baby seat' trolley. I get some funny looks but it keeps me happy and let's mummy get on with her boring tesco shopping. 

I'm sooooo excited to be picked up at Nursery by Granma and Grampa tomorrow! Eeeeeeeeek! Xxx

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  1. Dear Elsie

    Now its 23 November 2014 and this is very important. Today is the final race of the F1 season and it is VERY TENSE. Your dad might like to watch it and if so please give him just 2 hours of your best behaviour!

    Love u


    PS. Come on Lewis! Come on!