Monday, 3 November 2014

20 night time requests between 7-8pm. Every night.

1. I am ready to eat that dinner now. The one I tearfully rejected because it was too exotic and spicy (plain pasta with butter). Please can I have a banana. 
2. The pjamas aren't right. I want to wear a dress (the grey one, or the denim one, or the stripey one depending on the day). I can't wear it? I want to sleep next to it. 
3. I need my two phones. The big one. And the small black one. 
4. I need all my bunnies. The white one. The other white one. The brown one. And the soft 'present' one. 
5. I need moo cow. 
6. I need the drawing book that Uncle Goggo bought me on holiday. 
7. I need some juice. 
8. What do you mean I can't have juice at bed time? Ok fine then I need some water. Spread over 25 individual sips. In a pink cup from downstairs. The dirty one in the dishwasher. No, not that one, the other one, the one that Daddy bought me. 
9. I'm scared. I need the light on. Not that one. Yeah that one. No the other one. 
10. I would like Mummy to sleep in my matchbox-sized toddler bed with me. But to not move. At all. Not once. 
11. I would like one more story. The one that we spoke about before bedtime but forgot to read until now. 
12. I'd like one more kiss. 
13. I'd like one more kiss from Daddy. 
14. And a cuddle from Mummy. 
15. I would like to call Grandma/Nana/Grampa/Goggo/Amy/Egg immediately. The subject matter is none of anyone's business. I have my own relationship with them.
16. My nose feels strange on the inside. High up inside. Get a torch to investigate but don’t touch it because it hurts. Get some calpol. And a plaster. 
17. I'd like to watch Frozen. 
18. I need to tell you, again, what I would like from Father Christmas. A pink suitcase. Pink flip flops. And a bigger bed. 
19. I'd like to sleep in Mummy and Daddy's big bed. And I need four good reasons why I can't sleep in their bed. 
20. Remind me what I'm called again. 

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  1. Dear Elsie

    Brilliant tactics. I particularly like number 16 for some reason.