Saturday, 18 October 2014

Facial hair

Today daddy asked if I'd like to go to Pizza Express and I said "ooh yeah that sounds cool"!! 
We went there after going to the cinema with mummy and daddy to watch a cartoon about football. I loved it and was as good as gold for the whole thing. 
Then I went on my bike and picked some autumn leaves for my tree pictures. 
Oh and then mummy cut my hair. I liked pretending I was at the salon and it was funny mummy calling me 'madam' and I paid her £20.
Feeling better today. Drinking more which makes mummy happy and daddy managed to wash my hair as, after a bit of a battle, I let him put cotton wool in my ears.
Lots of love xxx

1 comment:

  1. Dear Elsie

    So glad you are recovering fast.

    Did you really say "ooh yeah that sounds cool"? . I am beginning to suspect that you are not actually writing this blog!

    Love from the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong where I a ok thanks.