Friday, 9 May 2014

Busy day, as usual

Today mummy and I took a trip to London to meet mummy's friend Kimber and baby Millie for lunch. We saw a big wheel and a big clock. 

I absolutely loved going on the train. All the grumpy commuter people laughed when I came back from the toilet shouting "mummy I did a poo AND a wee". 

Then I went to home as I had ballet class. I love the teacher miss Emma but I'm not so fond of ballet these days. Mummy is going to look into a new class for me, one where nana can take me when she comes to look after me. What do you think nana? Or should we just hang out and drink babycinnos all day? Good idea? 

Then after ballet I went to the park with my friend Sophie and her mummy Caz. A man asked mummy if I had this amount of energy all day. Mummy laughed. 

And cried a little bit. 

Tomorrow auntie Amy is looking after me. She's in for a treat!

Elsie xx

Laughing at the fact there is a pigeon in the coffee shop!

Sausages for lunch!

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