Saturday, 15 February 2014

To my working mummy

(Adapted from a blog post mummy found and that made her feel better)

Dear Mummy 

I know you sometimes get judged by others for leaving me in the care of others to work. Some people imply that you don’t love me as much as stay at home mums do, and that it’s best for children to be at home with their mothers.

How can they say this about you? I know you love me just as much as any other mother. I know that going back to work was no easy decision. You weighed up the pros and cons, long before you conceived a baby. It has always been one of the most important decisions of your life. You thought about this even while you were in school and were choosing subjects for your a levels..

I know you weigh up every job to see if it will suit your family. I know you wake up an hour before everyone else does, just so you can get some quiet time. I know that you have attended meetings after being up all night with me. I know that when you come home in the evening, your “second shift” begins. The nay-sayers don’t understand that you run a household AND hold a job. You come home, cook dinner, bath me and read me stories (and come to think of it, when mummy doesn't make it home Daddy does all this too!). You tuck me in and kiss me goodnight. You pay the bills, do the grocery shopping, the laundry, the dishes, just like every other mother does.

I know that you often feel guilty about having any more time away from me so you sacrifice your leisure time. I know you can’t bring yourself to take a “day off” for yourself when I am at daycare. I know you accept that work is your “time off” for now. I know that when you are at work you don’t waste a single minute. I know you eat your lunch at your desk, you don’t go out for coffee, and you show complete dedication and concentration to your job. You chose to be there after all. You want to be there.

I know how discerning you are about who is looking after me, and that many long daycare centres offer excellent care. I know you only leave me in a place where you confident I am loved and well looked after. I know that you spend many days caring for me at home when I am sick, and sacrifice your pay. I know that you secretly enjoy these days, and revel in being able to be with me. 

I know that sometimes you feel guilty about not being there all the time. But mummy, I know this. You are setting a wonderful example to me. You are showing me that a woman can have a career, contribute in some way outside the home, and still be a loving mother. You are showing your me that I can do anything I want to do in life. You are displaying strength, endurance, dedication, tenacity, and you do it with so much joy and love.

I just wanted you to know I understand and I love you 

Elsie Beyre xx

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  1. Dear Elsie

    Well said Elsie....who are these bastards who dare to criticise your Mummy?

    Aren't you so lucky to have such wonderful loving parents. They make me proud.