Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Settling in...

Yesterday Grandma took me to see Freddie and Harry (second cousins twice removed minus one). We had a lovely time and I shared the toys nicely and ate carrots and trees with my sausages! Blimey! I am seriously impressing people. 

Today mummy and grandma came with me to my new nursery where my friend Bea goes. It looks like loads of fun, I can really see myself enjoying this place. I spent two hours getting used to the place whilst mummy was there and tomorrow I will go on my own like a big girl. Then mummy and grandma took me for a pizza. I mainly ate the garlic butter and then did a smelly poo so we had to leave very swiftly. 

Big love to all

Elsie Beyre 

Having a coffee and a cake with grandma

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  1. OK Elsie….. breakfast time here…. :)