Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Today whilst mummy was at an interview Grandma took me to see some lovely pictures by this man called Picasso. He paints a little bit crazy like me. 

We walked along the wobbly bridge (GE this is not an opportunity to explain what resonance is, I already know) from St Paul's to The Tate gallery and then we met mum for some chicken chips and trees. YUM. Mum was looking forward to leaving as I pretty much destroyed the cafe whilst I was there. I basically don't listen to anyone anymore and I just do my own thing. Mum threatens to sell me but no one yet has made an offer...

It was also lovely to see Thais and her big round belly yesterday. Not long now! Can't wait to meet the little fella... 

Lots of love

Elsie Beyre xx

Ps Granma you will not be surprised to learn that I went to sleep with my Picasso postcard tonight and I like to point at it and say "thank you Granma". Hurrah maybe there is hope that I will be an artist/animal lover/Olympic gymnast after all!!


  1. Dear Elsie

    I noticed you were on the wobbly bridge. As you know about resonance maybe a career in physics beckons rather than art?

    Love GE

  2. Elsie it was so lovely to see you, your mummy and your Granma. Judging from all the lovely cards you've made us in the past 2 years, I think you definitely have a career in the arts, hopefully you and I, your mum and the little baby (coming soon) can go to lots of art exhibitions and buy you lots of postcards very soon. Lots of love xxx