Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hobbledown Farm

Today we met Freddie, Harry and their daddy Russell at Hobbledown Farm. We saw animals, collected crystals and ran through tunnels!
I plays for hours chasing Freddie around the indoor adventure playground. I was sweaty and red faced by the end of it!
What a lovely day!
Freddie is so nice he helps me to collect things I've dropped and looks after me when I can't climb up the climbing frame. He wasn't very nice when he squirted me square in the face with water though. The grown ups were naughty to laugh! 
Again again!
Elsie Beyre xx

Friday, 6 December 2013

Imagine if you had twins...

Yesterday mummy had a big important interview and so auntie Sarah brought my love Elijah to come play. 

Poor Sarah experienced the wrath of two very energetic (and violent!) toddlers. 

We owe her one! 

Lately I have entered into 'terrible two' territory. I basically say no to everything, do the opposite of anything asked, and hit people to get what I want. The carpet patch on the naughty step is wearing very thin! This morning in ballet I was in such a sulk that I didn't even do any of the actions!!! 

Some people have said that three year olds are worse. Mummy needs to find a job VERY soon!

Thank god bribery works...

and thank GOD I'm cute...

Monday, 2 December 2013

Weekend frolicking up North

Hands up who looks silly!

Tractor ride 

I've had a SUPER time catching up with my NCT bezza Lucy Bean. She is just like me and we got up to loads of mischief whilst mummy and daddy ate cheese and drank wine with Kat and Marc. 

It's nice to be able to chat with my mates now I'm all grown up. It's also still fun to chase and hide around the house. 

Again again!

Waiting for Santa clause and the dog reindeer to come along

Silly Daddies!