Sunday, 17 November 2013

Eating is the new Not-Eating

For dinner I ate both my LARGE chicken drum sticks, both my special Elsie corn of the cobs and because I ate it all I was also allowed two slices of 'am - which I devoured. Now I'm just polishing off some grapes for pud.

Love you mum xxx

(From Daddy and Elsie because Mummy is seeing beautiful preggas Thais at The Wolseley daaaaarling...)

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  1. Well done Elsie Pop! Your mum and I thought of you while we downed our posh tea and scones. You'll be able to come with us soon, we can ask for a side of Elsie's corn on the cob, I'm sure the Wolsley will be most accommodating of a request coming from such a little daaaaahling xxxx