Friday, 6 September 2013

Much to your disbelief...

I'm actually very good at ballet! 

Today was my first proper lesson. 

GE thanks so much for my ballet lessons, I can see this being lots of fun. I love getting into my tutu and doing turns on my tippie toes! 

This week I have had lots of fun at Tamaras enjoying our last few days of sunshine...

(These aren't my shoes, obvs)

As it is raining today we have been playing inside. I have been walking around with my high heels with no nappy on hoping to get another poo in the potty. When mummy told me to 'push' I explained to her "poo stuck"!!

Lots of love

Elsie Beyre x


  1. Dear Elsie

    ....your welcome.


  2. Love your tutu Elsie Beyre. I started ballet at the age of two (to get rid of my pigeon feet Noonie tells me)and loved it. So if you carry on, you will attain the same grace and poise as your Granma!!!

    Luv u lots

    Granma xxx