Thursday, 20 June 2013

Medway mayhem...

(This actually happened on the 13th June but Mummy didn't realise it hadn't sent yet)

Today I went to see Auntie Penny and auntie Ruth and Edie and Imogen. 

We had lunch and Imogen showed us her nipples. Then I went racing in the car that didn't move. Then we played some sweet tunes on the piano. Then we had a very splashy bath and I am finally all clean! What a busy day! And mummy is exhausted. I loved playing with Edies new sister Baby Bea. I like to tickle her feet and stroke her hair 'like a horsey'. I also got very brave and stroked Edies cat. Although I get upset when it tries to play as its claws are a bit sharp. 

Mummy says that I need to learn not to hit other children as its hurts people and apparently it's just not socially acceptable. I will try to work on that a bit more...

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