Monday, 10 June 2013

Dear Elsie

I love you very VERY much. 

You are beyond hilarious, gloriously energetic and feverishly enthusiastic. You are superbly (and quite frankly scarily) independent, confident and sensitive and I hope you will always be this way despite how bloody tough it is for your parents!

You are the loudest happiest and certainly the most flirtatious of any toddler I've met. Equally, the most hard work, demanding, and not to mention stubborn. 

With you, motherhood is less 'Cath Kidston and cupcakes' and more 'double gin and tonic'. Now please PLEASE start sleeping through the night. Because although I am only 28. I feel 108. And grumpy. 

Love you lots little darling girl

Your mum x


  1. Love this post and love you two maxi and mini chickens, you make the best mum and daughter team on earth xxxx

  2. You bring a tear of joy to my eye.