Thursday, 27 June 2013

My first 50 'words'

"Peppa" = Peppa Pig
"car" = car
"wower" = flower and also shower. oh also tower too.
"woof" = dog
"baa" = sheep
"poon" = spoon
"pla" = plane "peaaa" = please
"Mamon" = Mummy
"Dadda" = Daddy
"Doe" = Auntie Jo
"Wa Wa" = Granma/Grampa
"Maimy" = Auntie Amy
"Nana" = Nana Babs
"Chi Chi" = Chicken
"Ball" = Ball
"Tactor" = Tractor
"Dair" = Chair
"Dai Dai" = Finished!
"Air" = Hair
"Dip Dip" = ketchup or humous
"tic toc" = clock/watch
"Pa Pa" = paper
"no" = No. Obvs
"Yeah" = Yes
"h-h-h" = hot
"co" = cold
"dee = cheese, not to be confused with
"tee" = teeth
"mai" = milk, very similar to "mai" = mine (this is said a lot)
"Edie" = Edie/Imogen
"Jew" = Juice
"bai" or
"tweet tweet" = bird/parrot
"f" = phone
"bubble" = bubble (Mummys star word)
"bai" = bed
"bar" = bath
"bic bic" = biscuit
"dow" = down
"Hiya" = Hiya
"Bye Bye" = Bye Bye
"Boy" = Boy
"Tar" = star. Sometimes confused with flower
"waa waa" = Quack Quack
"more" = more
"beigh" = book
"poo" = poo
"wee wee" = wee
"baby" = baby - a real life baby. a doll. or anything in a pushchair.

 Bloody excellent work if you ask me!

 Apparently Daddy didn't talk until he was 3. So IN YOUR FACE DADDA! (Love you)

 Lots of Love Elsie xxx

Mummy's Reading List This Week!

Humous Croutons at Auntie Jo's

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ballet and rain clouds

Yesterday I went to my ballet class. I am by far the most rubbish at ballet. However I do create the largest laughs and have the most fun - not to mention get up to the most mischief! It's very structured and there are lots of rules, so it's not really my style. But mummy says it will do me good! Plus I love twirling around in my tutu in mums high heels. I will start properly from September so I won't be the youngest in the class and everyone else will be just like me. 

I also thought it would be super funny to do pig face impressions against the windows. 

Today it was auntie jos birthday picnic. It was a bit rainy and cold so we decided to go inside in the end. I had a lovely day feeding the ducks but I refused to share my cracker with the grey doves, 

Daddy is on a stag do. Hope you're behaving yourself! 

Big love

Elsie Beyre xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Medway mayhem...

(This actually happened on the 13th June but Mummy didn't realise it hadn't sent yet)

Today I went to see Auntie Penny and auntie Ruth and Edie and Imogen. 

We had lunch and Imogen showed us her nipples. Then I went racing in the car that didn't move. Then we played some sweet tunes on the piano. Then we had a very splashy bath and I am finally all clean! What a busy day! And mummy is exhausted. I loved playing with Edies new sister Baby Bea. I like to tickle her feet and stroke her hair 'like a horsey'. I also got very brave and stroked Edies cat. Although I get upset when it tries to play as its claws are a bit sharp. 

Mummy says that I need to learn not to hit other children as its hurts people and apparently it's just not socially acceptable. I will try to work on that a bit more...

Bring me sunshine...

Monday, 10 June 2013

Dear Elsie

I love you very VERY much. 

You are beyond hilarious, gloriously energetic and feverishly enthusiastic. You are superbly (and quite frankly scarily) independent, confident and sensitive and I hope you will always be this way despite how bloody tough it is for your parents!

You are the loudest happiest and certainly the most flirtatious of any toddler I've met. Equally, the most hard work, demanding, and not to mention stubborn. 

With you, motherhood is less 'Cath Kidston and cupcakes' and more 'double gin and tonic'. Now please PLEASE start sleeping through the night. Because although I am only 28. I feel 108. And grumpy. 

Love you lots little darling girl

Your mum x

Friday, 7 June 2013

I heart Imogen

Imogen and auntie Ruth came to stay for a couple of days. We had such a lovely time. Apart from the time that I pushed Imogen off the toilet. I'm starting to feel bad about that.

I miss her so much I wish I could see her everyday.

Mum and Ruth drank beer in the sun and Ruth turned red. I wonder if that would happen to me if I drank beer!

Imogen calls me Edie. And I call Imogen Edie. We were clearly missing witch no 3.

Big love

Elsie Beyre xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Outdoor pursuits

This weekend I went for a cycle ride with Mummy and Daddy and also Granma and Grampa - also known as 'wa waa' collectively.

We had a pic nic which is my favourite type of cuisine. I made everyone happy by saying their names - especially auntie 'maimy'. She was very chuffed indeed.

Today Tamara took me swimming in her parents pool down the road. I feel very lucky to have a heated outdoor pool that I can use when I like. This is the kind of thing that happens in Slurry. I mean Surrey. I had a super time on the sunshine wearing my armbands.

Chat soon

Elsie xx