Monday, 27 May 2013

Soft Play with Auntie Jo

On Friday Mummy took me to see Auntie Jo. I love Auntie Jo. And I even said her name 'Jo'.

We met at a soft play area in a garden centre of all places! I had a lovely time teaching all the kids how to climb up the slide the wrong way. I caused mayhem. And Mummy pretended that I wasn't hers when the other mums looked over whilst tutting.

Yesterday Daddy and me had a lovely day out. We went swimming and loved going on the big slide, then we went for a coffee and finished it off with a spot of shoe shopping. I now have some fancy new shoes. Mummy wishes my feet would not grow quite so fast!

Today we are off to see baby Bea and I am VERY excited!

Lots of love

Elsie xx

Ps check out my 'smile for the camera' face

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