Friday, 24 May 2013

Home from Holidays...

Mummy and Daddy took me on an airplane to a magical land called Greece.

Mummy says that the hotel was like a slice of heaven. None of us wanted to come home.

The first few days were a bit rocky. The nice Greek doctor told me I had tonsillitis and bronchitis. I pretty much slept and screamed for 3 days. I also decided that I wouldn't eat anything except for cheese. Oh and that I as petrified of sand and water. And also I didn't like being outside much either.

Taking this all on board, Mummy and Daddy had to adapt the holiday slightly - given that we had come to see these three wonders of the world - sun sea and sand.

In the end I got into the swing of things and I just loved it. Mummy and Daddy ate (and drank) like Kings (and Queens), and baked their bodies until they blistered. We swam in the indoor pool in the morning, ate mountains for lunch, slept all afternoon (Mummy and Daddy caught some rays on our gigantic balcony), then ate another mountain for dinner. We weren't even hungry. But we ate anyway!

I also learnt to swim with arm bands. And I let go of Mummy and Daddy and swam (floated) by myself. It was scary at first, but I will get there.

We will never forgot such a wonderful holiday

Elsie Beyre xx

(For my first holiday they have set the bar pretty high. I will expect nothing less than 5* in future)


  1. Dear Elsie

    What wonderful photos! So glad you eventually enjoyed your holiday.



  2. Dear Elsie Pop,

    Poor sausage having all those ailments on your first proper holiday xx
    Glad you recovered and ended up enjoying yourself, even managing to swim all on your own!! We miss you lots and can't wait to see your cheeky smiler face soon, you're growing up so fast it's amazing. Hope you have a lovely week, see you soon little pudding xxx love you lots