Friday, 19 April 2013

Action packed goodness

Yesterday my boyfriend Harry came to stay (please don't tell my husband Will). We had loads of fun and we loved going to the park. Harry showed me how to enjoy the swings and I showed him how to man-up on a roundabout. We had a lovely breakfast date this morning too...

Mum has decided that although I may be the hardest work out of every toddler she knows I am also the most hilarious, excitable and enthusiastic small person that ever was! And no one offers more snogs to strangers than me. When I'm good I am priceless. But when I'm bad...

Now mum needs to work on the medium. Because currently I don't have one!

Big love xxx

Ps Daddy runs some sort of ridiculous distance this weekend. Apparently loads of other mentals are joining him. If you haven't yet sponsored him (cough Granma and Grampa cough cough) then you still have time....

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  1. Hi Elsie

    So its good luck Dad.

    I have not been able to walk for ages because the weather has been so bad here.. Hot and humid and pouring with rain. I went for a short walk today but got caught in a down poor. I was soaked through.

    Tonight I am going to a party on a tram. Basically you ride a special 'party' tram and drink. Good idea until you need the loo!