Friday, 15 March 2013


I played at the park with Tamara and Lottie.

Then I came home and made a few calls on my car phone.

Today I am taking my first plane journey - all the way to glamorous Glasgow... Wish me luck! Mummy isn't coping too well with it all...

Ps mum also took me to the docs this morning for my (lack of) speech. I'm going to speech therapy! Woo! Then I can finally talk to my mummy about my troubles instead of grunting at her all day...

Big love

Elsie Beyre xx


  1. Elsie Beyre, love your little converse! X

    Good luck with the flight, I think you'll enjoying being up with the birds, tell your mum not to worry. As for speech therapy I'm sure you'll start chatting away soon, the chatty gene runs in your family what with your mum and your Granma loving a good old chinwag.

    See you soon, enjoy Glasgow and don't eat too much Haggis xxx Love you

  2. Dear Elsie

    Have a safe flight....... look forward to you making the long journey out here!