Saturday, 16 February 2013

My first pet

Today, much to Daddy's disgust, Mummy took me to get my first pet.
We chose Mr Fishy as he was the prettiest - white and orange.
I love him. I mostly like to try and catch him with my hands and lick the water. I also like to take my xylophone drumstick and give it a stir. What fun!
Also Edie Penny and Yann popped in for a spot of lunch and a play. That was lovely.
Big kiss

Elsie Beyre xx

PS the reason it was still in the bag on these photos is because the water temp needed to match the bowl so when we pored him in he will not get a shock.


  1. Mr Fishy mmm! Was that your Dad who named your new pet? You wont forget that name in a hurry will you?

    luv ya

    Granma xx

  2. Dear Elsie

    Excellent..... finding another use for the xylophone stick.