Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Kew Gardens

This weekend mummy took me to a very pretty garden in Richmond with auntie Jo. I absolutely loved the treetop walkway. I wasn't scared at all! I mostly loved walking up and down the 10 flights of stairs to get there. Mum especially enjoyed that part.
I didn't like the play area too much as it was very crowded and I fall over a lot and cry even if someone taps me ever so slightly. Mummy also doesn't like people touching her, especially other children.

The orchid garden was fun and the big ugly cat fish was funny!

I also found a little hut where two other kids were playing. I was chasing the little boy for a cuddle and he got so scared he climbed up on the bench. In the end he gave in and let me have a cuddle to which he responded with "ok that's enough now". Mummy wonders whether now is a good time to have the 'must not cuddle strange boys' chat.

Auntie Jo has a poorly wrist so she is behaving like a bit of an invalid. Mummy hopes you get better soon as its boring when you are poorly. That goes for you as well Noons. Hmmm! Yes you - don't think if you ignore my texts and emails I can't get hold of you through the blog! Gotcha!

Big love to you all

Elsie Beyre xx

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