Friday, 11 January 2013

No ordinary child...

Yesterday mum and I went to London to see mums friend Emily and her little baby Elise. I had a lot of fun on the train waving at everyone and generally being cute as a button. Which is rare. As in today, I was not cute. Not at all. At least mum did not think so.

This morning we went to rhyme time at the local library. The other kids like to sit on their mums laps and play horsey horsey and row row row your boat. But I don't. I like to stand in the middle of the circle showing everyone how I can lift my skirt above my head and play peekaboo. Each time I would laugh. If the person i was playing peekaboo didn't laugh too i would repeat it until they did. This was how it went for the whole session. Apart from at the end where I pushed a row of books off the bottom shelf and crawled through it only to find a set of feet which belonged to a very frail old man on a computer. When mum dragged me out I pulled he power cord with me. "Spirited child" one of the mums said to mum. Mum nearly ripped her eyes out.

Anyway. Then we got into he car (after forgetting where we parked it 2 miles from the house!). We went to a trial session of tumble tots. Needless to say we won't be signing up for the course. The session was divided into two parts. Part one where the children climb all over the soft play apparatus in a circuit. I did not like the fun brightly coloured amazingness that was slides and trampolines and see saws. No. I wanted to climb the stairs that we had to walk up to get to the hall. We have these at home. Then part two is much like rhyme time where you sit on your mums lap and sing songs. This is when I wanted to play on the soft play apparatus. Mum tried to haul me back but I only came kicking and screaming and in the end she gave up. After the singing had ended the teacher gave the nice kids a sticker each for being so good. This is when I return and walk up to each child, pull their stickers off and wave at them all with a hand full of stickers stuck to the end of my fingers.

Mummy took me home very quickly. The judging was too much.

When we got home I decided I was only going to eat my dinner if it was served to me in my play tea set and bunny had a spoonful first. When I was finished I indicated that I had enough by smearing the rest into bunny. Mum was happy that I at least ate.

Today was the day that it was confirmed that I am different to other children.
Not spirited. But WILD.

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