Friday, 21 December 2012


Daddy arranged for me to go and see Father Christmas. Apparently he was having a break at the local Gardening Centre - a bit weird we thought, but we went along with it! The grotto was magical...but I was really less than impressed. I've been in a pretty shitty mood for days now and Mum is at the end of her TETHER!
Although, this picture makes me look like an angel, so we chose this one.
Can't wait to see lots of you tomorrow!
Today Mummy took me to Rhyme Time at the local library in Weybridge. I had a lovely time and I was completely adorable for the whole half hour. Mum couldn't believe her luck. She didn't make any friends although she did groom a couple of nice looking people. Nobody looked as fun as Auntie Ruth or Auntie Penny though....sob sob
Lots of Love
Elsie Beyre xx

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  1. Dear Elsie..... oh god, you are just too funny!