Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weybridge and stuff

Today Mummy and Daddy went to Weybridge to look at some more houses. They found one and put an offer in, so cross your fingers for us because they said I would LOVE it.

Granma looked after me today and we had such fun. I had my last swimming lesson for this year and Granma took me - we both loved it.

When Daddy came home he raced me. I was on the snail, and Daddy was on the ladybug. Guess who won?

Also, check out my own personal mobile phone collection. You'd think this would be enough to entertain me no?

Noons I tried to Skype you today but you didnt answer. Will you call me sometime? It'd be nice to catch up on what's happening with you.

All my love

Elsie Beyre


1 comment:

  1. Hi Elsie

    Wow! Exciting times. House hunting, swimming and snail racing.

    I'm off to the Macau Grand Prix on Sunday. That will be exciting too!

    Lots of love