Sunday, 21 October 2012

Imogen's 1st Birthday

Yesterday was Imogen's first birthday party. We had loads of fun playing in the soft play area and
eating sausage rolls.

 Check out my snotty nose. It's a regular thing these days. I spend my days spreading my love via snot germs. Yumm...

I love Edie. She is such a delicate flower. Sometimes I hug her a little bit too hard and I am told to be gentle. I just can't help myself, she is delicious!

Gosh I love boys. They seem to be a little afraid of me though...

On a seperate note, Mummy and Daddy says that we are most probably going to be moving into a flat the size of our pantry at the end of the year. So to avoid our pantry flat becoming just one giant playroom we thought we would compile a 'wish list' for smaller, more subtle things should you wish to get me anything for Christmas and you're stuck for ideas...

Love ya

Elsie xx

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  1. Hi Elsie

    Interesting present list. Seems santa is mainly thinking 'educational toy'!