Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm the Queen of the Castle...

Today we went to Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent. It was a beautiful Autumn day. 

We went on a choo choo train, through a maze and a dungeon. 

It was a great day out!!

I've still got a bloody cold. I hope it goes soon....

All my love

Elsie Beyre xx


  1. Dear Elsie

    What beautiful photos. A perfect day. I do notice a bit of cheating in the maze though!


  2. Dear Elsie,

    Aren't your mum and dad just the bestest Mama and Papa Beyre? What an adventure you 3 had! Hope you're feeling a bit better from your cold, that you're enjoying nursery and making new friends and that you're excited about autumn coming with all its new fruit and veg (I'm sure you are)! I'm loving beetroot at the minute, I wonder if that's on your list of food loves? If not some day I will roast you some and you might like it!

    Well I have to get back to work now and I'm sure you're also very busy with your toys + practicing your walk x miss your cheeky face, love you lots xx