Wednesday, 31 October 2012

House Hunting Pumpkins

Today Mummy Daddy, Nana Babs and I went to visit a little town called Chertsey in Surrey. We found a house and loved it. Cross your fingers everything goes through OK- we move there on the 12th December. 

So, naturally I was dressed as a pumpkin during the house hunting - it's Halloween after all! I looked spooktacular I think you would agree?

I also had my first pizza. I mainly licked off the cheese topping, but it was good fun and I felt very grown up ordering off the children's menu. 

We will keep you informed. In the meantime here's a map for you...

PS if any of you would like to move nearby, it's very nice and Mum would think that was AWESOME. 

Big snogs

Elsie Beyre



A girl after Auntie Amy's heart....

mmmmm Pizza...

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