Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's my party I can cry if I want to...

So today it was my Birthday and I had the most GLORIOUS day!!

Swimming started today again for the new term. I had forgotten all my 'moves' but I quickly remembered them. I even swam underneath a hoop in the water. Pretty cool huh!?

Then we came back and Mummy tried to put me to bed but I refused to sleep and I screamed at her for an hour. I finally dropped off for a tease sleep of 15 minutes. Fabulous.

Then this afternoon my besties came over for some vino and cake. Mummy was up late last night baking sugar free cakes!! They were made from bananas, blueberries and apples! YUM for kids! Not so YUM for grown ups! We had a lovely time in the sun playing tea parties and chasing eachother through my new birthday tunnel. Not sure why I am always the one doing the chasing though...

Tonight Mummy, Ruth and Penny are going out for drinky poos at the local chav-pub to celebrate surviving the first year with only minor instances of self-doubt, self-harm and alcoholism. What fun we have!

In fact, tonight Mummy looked after me and Edie- bathed us and played with us and I was as good as gold....perhaps Mummy will have another one afterall??!! HA.

Wish me luck tonight with my newly-developed-vile-sleeping-habits.

Night Night

Can't wait to see most of you this weekend to spend a day celebrating, well, me!

Elsie Beyre xx

PS I'M ASLEEP! I feel asleep whilst writing this!!

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  1. Dear Elsie

    Happy first birthday.

    You will have to tell me how you type while asleep. This could very useful for me in meetings.

    Love, GE