Friday, 3 August 2012

The last couple of weeks in pictures...

This is our mansion. Not all of it, the one on the right. It's pretty ugly, but it's MEGA inside. I love doing the lap around the kitchen and lounge. I am improving my wounded dog crawl every day.

This is me drinking fizz with Daddy and GE in the sunshine.

This is GE very happy with his fizz. Behind this wall is my new nursery that I am starting next Wednesday. Mum says she will just throw me over in the morning and whistle when she wants me back in the afternoon. Good-o.

This is me frolicking with Auntie Jo. Check out the awesome paddling pool which we stole from my mate Imogen.

This is the awesome and o-so-hilarious Imogena.

I met Katie Kins for the first time. She's fun, we like her a lot.

And we LOVE Abi too. She is wonderful to have around. She is like a giant toy that just keeps on entertaining. She was sell for lots in Toys R Us. Or maybe on eBay actually - what do you think GE?

This is 'Messy Play' in our lounge with Imogen and Edie. Ruth made edible paint and it tasted goooood! 

Imogen mainly ate her artwork or used it for cover from Edie's wild splashing. 

Edie needed to be cleaned up after a while. She wasn't amused.

But I was! 

Nom nom

Today is Great Grandma Noonie's Birthday. She is the most wonderful looking Great Grandma that EVER was. Big kiss Noonie!

Love you lots

Elsie xxxx

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