Saturday, 25 August 2012


Today we went to the seaside in Broadstairs with Mummy, Daddy, Mummy's Friends Amy and Phil and little (big) Will.

We had a super time and I enjoyed my 8th day in a row being an angel baby. I'm going to try really hard and keep this up with Mummy as she is enjoying my company so much she gives me big huge squeezes and tells me she loves me all the time. It's annoying that she kisses me so much though. I'm like 'muuuuum, get off!'

Granma is continuing her tiresome pursuit to find a replacement Gary. Truth is, Gary can't be replaced. The shops even said so. Discontinued or something like that.

Tomorrow we are off to see Daddy's friends Vinny and Gem in Oxford. Can't bloomin' wait!!

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre xx

P.S. Will taught me how to crawl down the big step to get out the house....yippee!

PPS I reeeeeeeally like plums


  1. I went to Broadstairs once.


    PS. The 'type the code' code is getting really difficult to read

  2. PPS

    Elsie. Did you know you are advertising 'Hong Kong Cupid - Browse singles now'? Very thoughtful of you. Thanks.