Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nursery. 3rd week.

Yesterday I was such a good girl at nursery. 

When mum dropped me off, all the other babies were clinging to their mummies and crying when they were left, but not me. I just cheerfully crawled off without even turning back! Mummy said you can't win either way!

We went on an outing that Mummy had to sign a permission clip for. We 'walked' to another nursery. Again, the nursery lady told mummy that all the other kids were a bit dubious at first, but I marched straight up to the other babies and started to play. I obviously have Daddy's social abilities!

As you can see from my sheet I ate and slept really well!!

Today Amy and William are coming to stay. We are also going to have my first dentist check up today! How exciting is that!

Chat soon

Elsie Beyre


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