Wednesday, 8 August 2012

First Day at Nursery

Today is my first day at Nursery School.

Mum is 60% excited. 30% sad. And 10% worried for the nursery staff.

I am 100% EXCITED!!!!!!

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  1. Dear Elsie Bayre, what an exciting day! I am seeing your mum for dinner soon so I can't wait to hear all about this news xx I hope you had a nice time and have already started making friends and chatting to strangers (hopefully you've not taken after your mum or your (G)oddfather Darren and love talking to random people!). Anyway, you look super cute as usual and are blossoming into a trendy redhead by the looks of things, I'm sure the boys at nursery won't be able to resist your charm!
    Big kiss xx love you and see your cheeky face soon! xxx