Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back in the game...

Morning everyone!!
Good news, we are back online so I can post more regularly!!
We are all settled in to our new house now and it is shaping up quite nicely with all our new bits and bobs that people bought us for wedding pressies....even I did quite well from the gift list!
I am not really feeling very well - I have a bit of a cold. Last night I was supposed to sleep in London with Mummy but I just wanted to come home so daddy came and picked us up and I slept nicely in my hammock at home.
Today Mummy is catching up on some 'internet admin' and we may even take a walk into the beautiful town that is Chatham. Imogen and Edie's Mummies have gone back to work so we need to groom a few other mummies this week. I doubt we will find anyone quite as cool as them though :)
Chat soon
Elsie xx

These are some piccies over the last week....

Strawberry Picking and Storm Chasing

Pinching Abi's Nose

Walking the Great Lines

Getting Messy

Playing with my new Emma Bridgewater tea set, thanks Uncle Ed

Playing with Indoor Bubbles

Pizza Express Fine Dining


  1. Going to have next week off I think this working larks boring.
    Let's do something
    Ruth x

  2. Oh hi there Elsie Bayre, as usual I'm absolutely loving your trendy little numbers, especially that neon 90s cap you've chosen for your day of strawberry picking. Your Odd father Darren is very excited to see your little face and to give you a big bear cuddle this Sunday (we're having chicken and there will be a little bit cooked especially for you) xxx hope your cold is better and you're managing to extend your 40m sleep slots. See you soon xx lots of hippy love xxx