Tuesday, 28 August 2012


After bumps and babes this morning, Mummy took me to the local surestart centre and it rained spaghetti!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday in Oxfordshire

This weekend we went to visit Gem and Vinny at their new house in a quaint little village in Oxfordshire. We went to a very random beer festival, then Vinny made pizza and brownies...YUM!! I also went on the swings for the first time. Loved it. 

This is a piccie of us all in Broadstairs from a few days before.

Big Love

Elsie Beyre xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Today we went to the seaside in Broadstairs with Mummy, Daddy, Mummy's Friends Amy and Phil and little (big) Will.

We had a super time and I enjoyed my 8th day in a row being an angel baby. I'm going to try really hard and keep this up with Mummy as she is enjoying my company so much she gives me big huge squeezes and tells me she loves me all the time. It's annoying that she kisses me so much though. I'm like 'muuuuum, get off!'

Granma is continuing her tiresome pursuit to find a replacement Gary. Truth is, Gary can't be replaced. The shops even said so. Discontinued or something like that.

Tomorrow we are off to see Daddy's friends Vinny and Gem in Oxford. Can't bloomin' wait!!

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre xx

P.S. Will taught me how to crawl down the big step to get out the house....yippee!

PPS I reeeeeeeally like plums

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nursery. 3rd week.

Yesterday I was such a good girl at nursery. 

When mum dropped me off, all the other babies were clinging to their mummies and crying when they were left, but not me. I just cheerfully crawled off without even turning back! Mummy said you can't win either way!

We went on an outing that Mummy had to sign a permission clip for. We 'walked' to another nursery. Again, the nursery lady told mummy that all the other kids were a bit dubious at first, but I marched straight up to the other babies and started to play. I obviously have Daddy's social abilities!

As you can see from my sheet I ate and slept really well!!

Today Amy and William are coming to stay. We are also going to have my first dentist check up today! How exciting is that!

Chat soon

Elsie Beyre


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mum takes me to the best places...

Ruth says it's lucky Imogen and I are on antibiotics, because today we met a lot of germs.

Mum took us to Monkey Bizz.


Thursday, 16 August 2012


So today Mummy and Abi took me to a giant ball pit.  

It was quite dirty and Mummy didn't really like to touch anything. It was quite fun, but I don't think we'll be going back there without a bucket of hand sanitiser. 

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre

PS. Lately I have been quite poorly so Mummy took me to the RUBBISH doctor and she gave me florescent yellow banana flavoured antibiotics. I am a BIG FAN. As is Mummy!

I will try my very hardest to sleep well tonight because I can tell Mummy and Daddy are getting a bit annoyed now :( 



So Mummy and Daddy have officially changed their names by Deed Poll.

They are name Mrs Samantha Kate Peace Eyre and Mr David Mark Peace Eyre. So we are all the same!!

Mummy doesn't know which signature to choose. Can you help?

Apparently if your signature is legible (i.e. not a squiggle), you have to change your signature after changing your name. Interesting huh!

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back in the game...

Morning everyone!!
Good news, we are back online so I can post more regularly!!
We are all settled in to our new house now and it is shaping up quite nicely with all our new bits and bobs that people bought us for wedding pressies....even I did quite well from the gift list!
I am not really feeling very well - I have a bit of a cold. Last night I was supposed to sleep in London with Mummy but I just wanted to come home so daddy came and picked us up and I slept nicely in my hammock at home.
Today Mummy is catching up on some 'internet admin' and we may even take a walk into the beautiful town that is Chatham. Imogen and Edie's Mummies have gone back to work so we need to groom a few other mummies this week. I doubt we will find anyone quite as cool as them though :)
Chat soon
Elsie xx

These are some piccies over the last week....

Strawberry Picking and Storm Chasing

Pinching Abi's Nose

Walking the Great Lines

Getting Messy

Playing with my new Emma Bridgewater tea set, thanks Uncle Ed

Playing with Indoor Bubbles

Pizza Express Fine Dining

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I played at Imogen's house...



First Day at Nursery

Today is my first day at Nursery School.

Mum is 60% excited. 30% sad. And 10% worried for the nursery staff.

I am 100% EXCITED!!!!!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

The last couple of weeks in pictures...

This is our mansion. Not all of it, the one on the right. It's pretty ugly, but it's MEGA inside. I love doing the lap around the kitchen and lounge. I am improving my wounded dog crawl every day.

This is me drinking fizz with Daddy and GE in the sunshine.

This is GE very happy with his fizz. Behind this wall is my new nursery that I am starting next Wednesday. Mum says she will just throw me over in the morning and whistle when she wants me back in the afternoon. Good-o.

This is me frolicking with Auntie Jo. Check out the awesome paddling pool which we stole from my mate Imogen.

This is the awesome and o-so-hilarious Imogena.

I met Katie Kins for the first time. She's fun, we like her a lot.

And we LOVE Abi too. She is wonderful to have around. She is like a giant toy that just keeps on entertaining. She was sell for lots in Toys R Us. Or maybe on eBay actually - what do you think GE?

This is 'Messy Play' in our lounge with Imogen and Edie. Ruth made edible paint and it tasted goooood! 

Imogen mainly ate her artwork or used it for cover from Edie's wild splashing. 

Edie needed to be cleaned up after a while. She wasn't amused.

But I was! 

Nom nom

Today is Great Grandma Noonie's Birthday. She is the most wonderful looking Great Grandma that EVER was. Big kiss Noonie!

Love you lots

Elsie xxxx