Saturday, 28 July 2012

And then.....and then.....

I am SO sorry I haven't written in forever!
This week has been so busy - mum and I have been running around like maniacs.
On Friday we moved house, just down the road to Gillingham, where all the chavs are born.
Penny and Ruth looked after me for a few hours and we had a bedtime bath with my girl pals.
On Saturday we moved the last of our stuff and unpacked the boxes.
Sunday GE came to visit and we drank lots of wine in the sunshine.
Then on Tuesday Auntie Jo came over and we played with Imogen and Ruth in the paddling pool. We pretty much did the same on Wednesday.
Then on Thursday Katie Kins came to visit me. Wow, she was fun! We like her A LOT.
THEN, on Friday Nana Babs came to visit and she looked after me whilst mum continued to run around like a maniac. She found me a nursery and next week I will start to have 'settling in sessions'. That's cool.
And today Mummy and Daddy went to Great Grandma Eyre's old house and picked up a few goodies. She will be very pleased to know they have gone to a nice home.
Phew, what a week!
Tomorrow Daddy's friend Mike is coming over as well.
Blimey! Is this a hotel or what? The more the merrier we say!!
Big kiss to you all
Elsie Beyre

PS We dont have access to the world wide web just yet, but as soon as we do then I will write more regularly. Promise xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"Mummy, where is our HOME? I'm confused"

This week we are back home but apparently we are moving to a MANSION so we are pack up the house into lots of small boxes.
Mum's friend Ruth and my mate Imogen have been coming over to help.
But they don't really do much packing.
They just eat pasta and chat.
Daddy says Mummy's cellotaping of the boxes wasn't very good anyway. How RUDE!!

We also ate bread sticks.

Look at my bessie Imogen - isn't she lovely.

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What a week!!!

So Mummy and Daddy got married....

And then we all went on a little minimoon to the very exotic and sought after destination of....Worcestershire...

We had a lovely relaxing time all together...

PS. Thanks Nana Babs and GE for giving daddy an ipad for his birthday. I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Night Night

Noonie and Auntie Janine have arrived and the house is getting pretty busy!!

My teeth are hurting me a lot these days so I hope I sleep well tonight.

Night night

Elsie Beyre


PS Mum is getting slightly freaked out about the word 'wife' and has decided it doesn't suit her. Can anyone think of a word to replace it that is nice?

PPS Did you know that if I could talk then tomorrow I would say "Tomorrow I am 10 months old"

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Today Mummy and Grandma took me swimming and afterwards I relaxed in the jacuzzi. 

Tomorrow Nana Babs is coming to visit me! I haven't seen her since I was a very little baby. 

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre xx