Friday, 15 June 2012

Weetabix and Swimming

Today I ate soggy weetabix with my hands. I had lots of fun and ate almost nothing. 

Then we went swimming with my mates Imogen and Edie and their mummies. 

We also visited 'the poshest nursery in medway'. Mummy wasn't that impressed. I especially enjoyed showcasing my new scream laugh which takes everyone by surprise and makes my mum giggle. Mum says I'm feisty and she likes that. No one likes a placid baby. (that's what she tells herself to get through it).

Almost time to go see the Peace Grandparents. I will make sure I display an array of feistyness over the weekend.

Big love

Elsie Beyre



  1. Your Mum is right, darling. No one, but no one, like a placid baby. They are so veh dull and ordinare!

  2. So you went to the pool to clean up? Good idea.