Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunshine and Friends

On Monday Mummy's lovely friend Lucy came to visit. She has been travelling around a big country called South America for a whole year! Now she is back this is very good news....!!

Then today we were very busy indeed. This morning mum raced round Asda like a crazy woman, grabbing all sorts from the shelves. Then I went to my swimming lesson which I acted like a complete mentalist crashing about and laughing. Then we had Ruth and Colleen and my mates Imogen (obvs) and Harrison round for lunch. We had macaroni cheese. and THEN (yes there's more!) we drank wine in Pennys garden in a rather fetching tent. 

I'm cream crackered now and need to go to bed. 

Daddy will be late home again tonight so Mummy is going to watch lots of rubbish on the telly. 

Not long now til I see Noonie, Auntie Janine, GE and Nana Babs. I hope they don't wear nice clothes when I see them because I am pretty mucky these days and usually leave a healthy print of carrot/spit/sick/poo wherever I go. Just saying...

Elsie Beyre 


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