Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Splashing in the Sunshine

I literally do not know where to start with telling you how exciting my day has been today!

The weather was LUSH so this morning we sat in Penny's back garden with a few other mums. Penny brought out cakes and strawberries and cream. It was AMAZE BALLS! Then she turned on her super bubble making machine and I was in heaven. Oh gosh it was incredible.

THEN, just when I thought the fun was over, Mummy took me over to Imogen's house where I ate all my lunch (lamb roast dinner in a squeezy tube - oh yes), then I was so exhausted by all the fun in the sun that Imogen and I had a 90 minute nap whilst our Mummy's had lunch and sunbathed in the garden. She couldn't believe her luck.

THEN, Ruth did a wonderful thing. She set out her paddling pool and I absolutely frickin LOVED IT! I got so excited Mum thought my head might explode right off my body. I had such a fab time splashing about in the garden. That was until I decided to go for a poo and it consequently started leaking out of my nappy into the pool. That was when Mummy called it a day.

What a day.

So, tomorrow I am off back to Granma and Grampa Peace's house to kick start some wedding activities. I of course will be no help at all, but I will probably amuse people on the way with my ridiculous sense of humour and diva attitude.

So long!

Elsie Beyre xx

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