Friday, 22 June 2012

Messy Play

Today we went to Ruth and Imogens house and had Messy Play. Penny couldn't make it because she had her staff over today. We put a shower curtain on the floor and we went wild. Firstly with food. And then with edible paint. I did my first ever painting.  Inspired by Van Gogh my work of art will be worth millions one day. Mum is so proud. 

Bring on the weekend!!!

Big Kiss

Elsie Beyre



I love you Imogen but I could strangle you sometimes


  1. Your friend is VERY patient Elsie Beyre. I love the photo of you girls going 'Yay' Were you proud of your drawing? Will we see it in the National Gallery? Keep up the good work. Big hug
    Granma x

  2. PS Your food list looks fairly substantial to me - beats your Aunty Amy who would have had two things on her list - petit filous and nutella! And look how gorgeous she is now!
    Granma x