Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Father's Day

My new strawberry dress

Big Hug

Bolognese Lipstick

This weekend we had a lovely Father's day at Granma and Grampa Peace's. We went to the pub and had a lovely Sunday roast in my new strawberry dress!

Then today I had coffee and cake with Imogen and Edie, obviously! And me and Imogen played a duet on the piano. She's lovely is Imogen, she always gives me a cuddle, and all I do is push her over. 

Then this afternoon mummy's lovely friend Lucy came to visit and we sat in the sun eating pear and gingerbread men. 

Thanks Granma Peace for taking up my green spotty dress. It's perfect for me....

18 days until the wedding! I'll be glad when it's over to be honest, as they don't bloody shut up about it! When am I going to get the attention???!!

Elsie Beyre


1 comment:

  1. Hi Elsie

    GE here in Hong Kong just eating breakfast as I read your blog (as usual) and laughing out loud (lol is the abbreviation for that you know). You really are so funny!

    See you soon

    Love GE