Tuesday, 26 June 2012


So, on Mummy and Daddy's last night together before Mum leaves to go back for the wedding (as in HAS SOOOO MUCH TO DO), I have decided to take almost 3 hours to get to sleep. After singing for so long it made him dizzy, Daddy finally got me to sleep. But I'm in the middle of their bed. HA HA! They will have to sleep in MY cot!! (They'd probably fit anyway!).

Just had to get that off my chest.

Feel better now, thanks

E xx


  1. Just a minute Elsie. Have I got the wrong date for the wedding? I thought it was 7th July?



  2. Dear Elsie,
    Don't worry about not sleeping - my mum couldn't get me to sleep when I was a baby either and I turned out alright(ish), although I do remember her mentioning something about feeling so tired during the early years because of my being up all the time that, she would fall asleep anywhere (bless her).

    Anyway, trust me you'll get the hand of it and soon you won't be able to wait to get in bed and dream lovely dreams... and once you get the taste for breakfast in bed they're be no getting you out!

    Also, don't forget you need your beauty sleep this week, as you'll be out in a lovely dress for you Mum's wedding soon!
    Big kiss xxxx