Friday, 8 June 2012

All I want for Christmas....

There are two things I have been meaning to tell you but have forgotten so I will just quickly tell you now.

Firstly I have a new tooth. It's one of the really important ones, in the middle at the front. Pretty essential for my modelling career. Secondly I am 9 months old. And that's pretty old.

Now, this morning we have been to Penny and Imogen's house for a quick cuppa. I got taught how to play the mini piano. My diet is still pretty strong. This morning I managed a bit of parsnip and 4 baby wotsits. You know what they say...a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!!

Tonight mummy is off for her hen weekend and Daddy is looking after me for the whole weekend. Mummy said she would miss me lots but is glad to see the back of me for a little bit. I thought that was quite harsh but I suppose I do score particularly high on the vile barometer these days, especially with my growing gnashers and all....

Wish Daddy luck!

Big kiss

Elsie Beyre xxx


  1. A pianist in the making! Keep practising .....

    Granma xxx

  2. Elsie had mummy been drinking when she typed this up for you?
    Remember if you need help with daddy just shout.
    Ruth x