Thursday, 31 May 2012


I chilled with Imogen and Edie in the morning.

Check out Imogen in this photo....

Also, Mum has noticed that I'm a little unsocial. Whenever I'm around friends I turn my back on them. I do it to Mum as well. It's just something I need to work on before I go to school.

One thing I do have to get off my chest is that Mum spent ALL afternoon in the kitchen cooking me three separate a-la-carte-level meals which I instantly rejected on the grounds of 'not fruit'. Mum was so adamant that she wouldn't waste the gourmet   purée that she ate it herself. With a plastic spoon.

Also the Health Visitor lady came to visit us. As per usual I was a sheer delight, and roared into screams as she drove off down the road. I love that game.

Lots of love

Elsie Beyre xx


  1. It's not that you turn your back to other people elsie, its just that you want to ensure the camera has your best profile.

  2. I told you she is just too cool to hang around with younger kids