Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shopping, face paint and golf

Today mummy took me shopping and she had a funny lady paint her face in a shop. She says that when you get older you need to paint your face and that not everyone can be as naturally as beautiful as me. Blush. Everyone was cooing at me in my pram, and I was giving them the flirty smiles - these people are mad for it. I laugh at them when they smile at me and think to myself 'idiots'. 

Daddy played a charity golf tournament and had lots of fun. He's quite good at this boring 'sport' you know. 

Grandma and grampa must be in Canada now with uncle Jono. I really hope you have a great time. Please bring me back some maple syrup x 

Ps check out my cardigan bought by my great(?) auntie Janine. Its still going strong and I don't have to roll the sleeves up quite as much now 

Elsie beyre x 


  1. Dear Elsie.. you nearly make me choke on my breakfast I laugh so much as I read your posts! When yo are older don't forget to ask to see the photo I have of your Dad and Uncle Richard playing golf when they were younger. You will laugh then!



  2. Got you some maple syrup today Elsie Beyre. Can you tell your Mum and Aunty Amy that I can't send emails on
    my mobile. Maybe uncle Jono will sort it for me. The sun finally shone this afternoon and it was lovely. The people here must be the friendliest in the world. Going out to a Mexican restaurant in a bit just to keep your Grandpa from grumbling. Be a good girl till my next posting.
    Lots of love
    Granma x